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We are a handcrafted, made-at-home shea butter boutique committed to making a difference for your skin and in the global community. Our raw shea butter is made in Ghana by us and whipped to softness in New Jersey

Our first obligation is to your skin, hair, and body. We offer a uniquely soft shea butter using a secret whipping technique our founder discovered right in her New Jersey kitchen. After years of perfecting the process, we now offer unmatched, ultra-soft  100%  raw and unrefined  shea  butter to use for your face, body, and hair. We deliver unrefined shea butter without using comedogenic oils such as coconut oil, which can clog pores and cause blackheads. With this new approach to raw and unrefined shea, we’re confident you’ll notice a difference in your skin.

Our passion for shea drives us to innovate and create new products that you’ll love, but we’re more than just a boutique shea shop. Our mission is to create opportunities for our women partners in Northern Region, Ghana who have been ostracized from their communities. Homemade Shea provides these women with financial resources, infrastructural improvements (e.g. clean water and a health clinic), and the ability to foster a vibrant community without fear of losing their livelihood. Learn more about these women here:

Finally, we support our environment through more than just sustainably sourced raw shea butter; we also use only 100% recycled and recyclable plastic jars, thus reducing up to 80% of carbon footprint compared to using jars made with virgin  plastics. We’re dedicated to making a difference for the body, the environment, and the global community – we invite you to help do the same!

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*Photos are blurred to protect identities and ensure safety of our partners at the Gnani camp.

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