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“Through  shea butter, we aim to bring financial security to every single woman in the  Gnani  camp, one jar at a time.” 

Christie  Agawu, Founder 

Homemade Shea was inspired by mothers, daughters, and sisters who have been ostracized from their communities as “Pakora,” which in English can be translated to “witches.” Although labeled “witches”, these women are everyday people who are usually victims of scapegoating through mere accusations. Once accused, the women must flee to the Gnani camp in the Savannah Region to escape death or bodily harm – leaving behind family, friends, and livelihood.

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The Gnani camp has become a haven for people accused of witchcraft. Many attempts by the Ghanaian government, human rights organizations and churches have been only mildly successful in breaking the cycle. The village religious leader (Tindanaa) of the Gnani camp told founder, Christie Agawu, that the frequency of accusations and the population of the camp residents have remarkably increased compared to years ago. Originating from Ghana, our founder finds it a slur on the nation’s collective conscience that such a practice still exists on the sub-continent. Unfortunately, these women are no longer welcome back to their home communities; they must build a new home in Gnani. We seek to do our part in making their new home a place where they can pursue sustained livelihoods and increase their personal financial security. To help achieve this, a portion of proceeds from Homemade Shea go toward providing income, improving their community infrastructure, and paying above-floor price for their raw shea butter.  

In addition to purchasing a Homemade Shea product, you can also contribute by making a donation to their projects - even $5 helps! Their initiatives include:

  • Water wells

  • A community health clinic

  • Ventilated Improved Pit (VIP) toilets

  • Support for Pre-school education

  • Scholarship fund for high school and tertiary education for girls

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 If you would like to donate, use the button on the side. To contact, use at [email protected]

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