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Keep it simple with our line of

handcrafted, ultra whipped shea butter

Explore Our Selection of Shea Products 

Handcrafted + Ethically Sourced
from our Artisanal Female Partners in Ghana.
  • Ultra Whipped

    Shea Butter

    Our signature line features our favorite ingredient - smooth and silky whipped shea butter.

    This product comes in a variety scents thanks to naturally derived essential oils. 

  • Hand Moisturizer


    Our newest product line is a dynamic duo - a whipped shea hand moisturizer and hand sanitizer to battle germs and keep your hands healthy while you do it!

  • All-natural

    Lip Balm

    Natural fun ways to keep lips moisturized, soft and beautiful.

    Enjoy the amazing spread and long-lasting protection!

  • Shea Serum

    Check back here soon for our line of anti-aging serums that harness the power of shea to offer youthful moisture to combat aging skin.

A shea product at this level of purity and quality is difficult to find at this price point; it's great stuff.

- Peter [Sioux Falls, South Dakota]

Give your skin something to look forward to every day. Our hand-whipped products are designed to revitalize your skin and hair with long-lasting moisture. Whether your skin is dry, eczema-prone, oily, or a combination, incorporating Homemade Shea products into your daily routine can promote visible improvements to your skin and hair.  

Why Our Formula?




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