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Our all-natural ingredients will give you that "Oh! I feel so Confident" look 

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Handcrafting from beginning to end gives us the confidence in the products we offer you


We produce our shea butter using centuries-old traditional methods that are respectful and sustaining of the earth. The vitamins and nutrients from the shea are kept intact by using a cold-press technique. We source from our artisanal women partners in Ghana whom we train ourselves and work with to gather and use only healthy shea nuts (the key to eliminating the bad smell commonly associated with shea butter).


Shea butter comes from shea nuts that grow as fruits on shea trees found mainly in West Africa. Once these shea nuts are carefully selected, they go through a thorough process of roasting, crushing, milling, kneading, skimming, heating and stirring into raw shea butter collected in gourds or boxes and shipped to us in New Jersey. Then we go to work whipping, smoothening, softening and then jar to send directly to you. Because we only use 100% natural ingredients, we scent our products with only pure essential oils such as lavender, peppermint, cedarwood, and sandalwood. These aromatic plant extracts promote health benefits that can help to boost energy and relieve stress. 

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