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Hand-made in Ghana using age-old traditional method and finished lovingly with a turn of our whipping technique in New Jersey 

I’m really loving the Shea butter. It’s so effective. I ordered some over the weekend for my Dad. I was expecting it to be like the L'Occitane 100% Shea butter, but it’s so much better. - Lorin, Florida

I love this model and I love knowing that it supports women who have been unfairly ostracized. I love that it’s not charity, that it draws attention to West Africa’s resources, natural cultural and strategic!

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I love it. Couldn’t find anything better. First time I used it to massage my client’s feet during her pedicure she loved it so much that gave me a 100% tip. – Carmel, Trenton, New Jersey

I will recommend this product not just because it works for me, but because it also makes me feel good supporting a good cause. - Evelyn, Cranston, Rhode Island 

Just Shea actually worked miracles on some eczema I have. I am a fan and will be ordering more.


I’m obsessed with this shea butter! I’ve added this to my daily skincare routine. Would highly recommend!

David Dunlap

I use Just Shea to counteract the dryness from all the hand washing we have to do now. It is a marvel! Especially at end of day.

Jeanne Garner

"Truly keeps the annoying mosquitoes away. And it's soft and creamy for easy application" -



  • Will it moisturise my skin?

  • Will it smell odd?

I use it at least once a day. I have one in my car too that I use on my hands and lips in the winter.

It’s the best moisturizer I have ever used. -Bob, Princeton, New Jersey

This product is export quality. It’s not grainy and the smell is that classic, nutty smell that good shea butter should have.

- Peter, South Dakota

Not grainy at all! Lavender scent smells wonderful. - Pearl, Baltimore, MD

Remarkable moisturizing! I was incredulous but WOW! I get compliments all the time. It plumbs up and smoothens my skin. - Monika Boston, Massachusetts]

I am very pleased with how Just Shea is helping to keep your skin moisturized, smooth and   and clear. I highly recommend it!! - Marna, Spain

This wonderful Shea Butter immediately solved a problem I've had for years: drying and cracking around the fingernails. I can't tell you how many other products I've tried. Now I use this Shea Butter on my whole body. It's so soft and creamy, not greasy, and my skin feels great. My only regret is not finding out about it years ago. I highly recommend this product. Give it a try! Buy it for your friends! Spread the Love! Deborah, Princeton, New Jersey

Excellent product! I use it as my make up removal cream, body cream, hair cream and facial cream. Unlike other products that I have used, it leaves your skin feeling and looking great! My whole family uses it. It is a fantastic product! – Nadia, New Jersey

“Daddy you cured my feet”! My four-year old son had red little cracks on his heels and was weepy. I applied Just Shea on his heels at bedtime to see what would happen. He woke up the following morning and cried out “Daddy you cured my feet”! – Javier, South Brunswick, New Jersey

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Perfectly whipped, for ease of use. Even when it gets cold, it is still easy to get a bit on my finger(s) to rub into my hands or skin. I love the natural smell and love the fact that there are NO additives. It moisturizes extremely well without leaving my skin super greasy – it seems to absorb into my skin nicely, quickly, leaving it moisturized and soft - Nicole [Princeton, New Jersey]

I have used other shea products but they were generally rock-hard, and very hard to use if the house was cool. I wanted to try this product because it was a friend's product ; ), and she noted how creamy it was because she whips it

Great Product. Tames my stray hairs and moisturizes my skin beautifully. This is a truly a twofer!

Yolanda [Columbus, Ohio]

I used it at least once a day. I have one in my car too that I use on hands and lips in winter. 

Nic [Princeton, New Jersey]

A shea product at this level of purity and quality is difficult to find at this price point; it's great stuff.

Peter [ South Dakota]

I put it on my eczema and it has really stopped my itching! It’s amazing!


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