I really like the product. Leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated. My skin is really dry in the winter. So I need a natural product that adds moisture back into my skin.


[Boston, Massachusetts]

Just Shea actually worked miracles on some eczema I have. I am a fan and will be ordering more.


[Princeton, New Jersey]

Great Product. Tames my stray hairs and moisturizes my skin beautifully. This is a truly a twofer!


[Columbus, Ohio]


"Dopest" Moisturizer

Our shea product is ‘greens for the skin’! Whether our skin is young or mature greens we benefit from greens. Our Just Shea product will revitalize and rejuvenate your skin and hair and resolve your troubled skin issues such as eczema and psoriasis and help or you just want clear, beautiful and soft skin as our products’ vitamins A, E and F stimulate your own collagen production, fight inflammation and seal in your own skin’s moisture. Our shea does not clog pores, cos it is non-comedogenic. The softness and smooth texture of our product is achieved without using comedogenic oils such as coconut and palm kernel oil, which can clog pores and cause blackheads. You’ll receive the full health and nutrient benefits without any chemicals. You and everybody else will notice a difference.

Why Our Formula

It’s 100% all-natural and powerful, made with hand-picked healthy shea nuts; the secret to making shea that is clean with its natural nutty scent. For five years, I researched and experimented, perfecting my whipping technique. Now we offer unmatched, ultra-soft unrefined shea butter for your face, body and hair. I do not use pore clogging comedogenic oils like coconut or palm kernel oils which many makers use as softeners. I’m very proud of our products. I’m in Ghana every summer working directly with our women partners making our raw shea butter, supervising and ensuring that we bring you only the highest quality of shea butter. We stand by the quality of every single jar of shea butter product you get from us.

Skincare on A Mission

We create jobs for our artisanal women partners in Ghana ostracized from their communities. Purchases help secure their personal financial security and help towards providing improvements such as clean water and a health clinic.

Earth Friendly Beauty

And oh, We use 100% recycled and recyclable plastic jars which help reduce carbon footprint compared to jars made with virgin plastics.

Scent Lovers

For scent lovers we only use pure essential oils such as lavender, cedarwood, and sandalwood, geranium and frankincense. These aromatic plant extracts promote health benefits that can help to boost energy and relieve stress while infusing your skin with their goodness.

Our Promise

Our ingredients are 100% all-natural  - nothing synthetic, Non-comedogenic. No coconut nor palm kernel oil.