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BLASK Free Download PC Game chafri




TRAINING MODE Start the game, select "Basic Training" and you're ready to go! There are 3 training levels (easy, medium, hard) and you can pick any level that you like. "TOTAL" MODE For more advanced players, use the "Total" mode to unlock new levels. In total there are 20 levels, each level has 20 goals. If you are able to solve each goal, you can unlock the next level. Make it through to the end and you'll be able to unlock the bonus levels, and you can even unlock the "Galactic Hero" difficulty by completing all 20 levels. Each level is represented by a different planet/star (there are a total of 13 in the game). NOTE: If you do not have enough points after completing a level, you will automatically be returned to the beginning of the planet/star. "SPACE POLICE" MODE This mode is unique in that you only have 90 seconds to clear a level. This is done in the same manner as the "Total" mode. This can be a challenge, especially if you use a high-powered weapon in order to clear the level quickly. You can toggle between "SPACE POLICE" and "TOTAL" mode at any time by simply pressing START. You can also select "TOTAL" mode during a level. COPYRIGHT INFORMATION: The "BLASK" game is copyrighted 2012 by René Czeikel. The "BLASK" game is available for purchase or to download free of charge. "BLASK" is a trademark of René Czeikel. CONTROLS: Tilt your device left/right to move around the environment. Tap the screen to fire your weapon. SOME SPOILERS: Once the main screen is displayed, you can see all of the goals for the current level. You can control the movement of the spaceship by tilting your device left/right. Reviews 4.4 235 Ratings 34 Ratings morethanoohi 11/19/2017 Great game, I really loved it. I'm glad the option of the galactic hero option was included This game is awesome, but I don't understand the point of the galactic hero mode. I also don't get why




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BLASK Free Download PC Game chafri
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